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About Catherine Saleska, LPA

Hello! I have over 13 years experience helping people with their emotions, anxiety and sadness. These issues can be overwhelming sometimes and take over your life. I can help you feel a lot less anxious by helping you develop skills you can use in your daily life. I can teach you techniques such as Progressive Muscle Relaxation, self talk and mindfulness. I can help you with your relationships in your life that may be causing you problems or you want to improve and strengthen. Information from testing can be especially helpful to parents.  I have experience providing psychotherapy addressing a variety of adult, teen, and childhood issues such as dealing with divorce, behavior problems, AD/HD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, social problems, Autism Spectrum issues, depression, and anxiety. In addition, I have experience in administering and interpreting psychological tests, including tests of intelligence, tests of achievement, personality measures, and AD/HD evaluations. I offer a free consultation!


  • American Psychological Association
  • North Carolina Association of Professional Psychologists

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